Music director & Singer

JK Majlish


Member of Music Composers Society Bangladesh

JK Majlish is a highly skilled and versatile music composer, proficient in creating extraordinary musical compositions that cater to a diverse array of audiovisual projects. With an extensive knowledge and deep appreciation for an extensive range of genres, such as Pop, Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Contemporary, Future Bass, Chillstep, Classical, Techno, R&B, Fusion, Rock, Country, and many others, JK Majlish is well-equipped to deliver exceptional musical experiences across various mediums.


JK Majlish is a prominent figure in the music industry, known for his versatile talents as both a singer and a music director. With a distinct vocal style and an exceptional ability to compose and arrange music, he has left an indelible mark on the music scene. During his illustrious musical career spanning over 25 years, has crafted an astounding repertoire of more than 3,000 songs.

JK Majlish embarked on his professional music career in 1997, although his musical journey began in 1985 at the tender age of 6 when he started learning music. Even as a child artist, he showcased his talent through numerous stage shows. In 1997, he formed his first band called “The Tantrik.” The band gained recognition when they participated in one of Bangladesh’s biggest and inaugural talent hunt competitions known as “Benson & Hedges Star Search.” As the main vocalist and band leader, JK Majlish led the group to secure the runner-up position in the esteemed competition in the year 2000. The band continued to make their mark by performing in various live concerts the following year.

Majlish’s music compositions are characterized by their depth, complexity, and attention to detail. He effortlessly blends traditional and contemporary elements, incorporating various instruments and sonic textures to create a rich and immersive musical experience. Whether he is working on film soundtracks, album productions, or advertising jingles, his compositions leave a lasting impact on listeners. Know More…


My Recognition

BIFA Award

Best Music Director ,2023


Best Music Director ,2023

AJFB Award

Best Music Director ,2022



Throughout his remarkable musical journey of over 25 years, JK Majlish has fearlessly ventured into an expansive array of genres, showcasing his versatility and creativity. From fusion and pop to hip hop and EDM, from trance and rock to film scoring and film songs, he has fearlessly explored the realms of Indian classical and semi-classical music. Not confined by boundaries, he has even dabbled in the futuristic realms of future bass, trap, and chillstep. With each genre, JK Majlish has left an indelible mark, creating a diverse and captivating body of work.